Billie - You have never been as beautiful as You are today.
I fell in love with You.
Deeply and sincerely.
And though You're so surreal these days, shapeless and elusive, I'm relaxed.
You won't be disturbed any longer.
A tribute like this will put Your 70 cent corpse back to soft, sweet, dreamless sleep.


As for You, Andy.
It's really, really cold outside.
Why not stay in?
I'll make You a cup of coffee, we could talk this through.
Denial is not the answer.
I spoke with Your inner beauty.
She said she's not coming out.
Would You care to try something else?

If having a pussy is the only similarity, something is wrong, don't You think?


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The salvation is not yet upon us, as far as I'm concerned.
The end of the world has been officially called off, by the decision of fine scientists.
Yet something is wrong.
Something misplaced.
I know the universe is expanding as a perfect sphere, stretching it's boundaries slowly towards the unknown.
Yet as I caress the universe lovingly, I feel a strange bump under my fingers...


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